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Water Leaks – The Wider Issue

In the USA it’s the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Fix a Leak Week” and to celebrate Anne Arundel County is giving toilet leak detection kits to residents. Nationwide minor home water leaks result in more than 1 trillion gallons of water wasted each year.

But what about back in the UK? UK water companies lose a combined total of 3.3 billion litres every day. In London especially there is still a huge reliance on Victorian infrastructure which is inevitably failing.

Thames Water has by replaced 1,400 miles of worn-out Victorian pipes, mainly under London, reducing leakage from its 20,000 mile network of water pipes to its lowest-ever level, down more than a third since its peak in 2004.

The Consumer Council for Water, a customers’ group, accused Thames Water for continuing to miss their targets for the past five years. According to Consumer Council spokesman Andrew Marsh,:

They [Thames Water] are making big profits and there’s a credibility gap between making large profits and asking customers to save water. People are paying more for their water bills and have every right to expect what they are paying for, which is a service that includes all the benefits the company has promised to deliver.

But what about water leaks in your home?

One of the first things many people notice that point towards a water leak is an increase in their water bill. A good way to test to see if you have a leak is turn off all water supplies and watch your water meter; if it is still moving it is more than likely you have a water leak. It is also common to have problems with your central heating system losing pressure and needing to be constantly topped up. Many people will also be able to see visible signs such as mould growth and bubbling/blistering of paint.

Many leaks are not visibly noticeable because nowadays most pipe-work is buried in floors and walls and it therefore becomes near impossible to detect the location of the leak. This is where The Leak Detection Company comes in. We will find the location of the leak without the need to take up floors and drill in to walls. The equipment and techniques we use are all non-invasive meaning disruption is minimised. Our sister company PCPS Ltd ( specialises in water damage and will be help to help and advise you with how to proceed once we have found and repaired your leak. For many people a water leak may not have caused visible damage to their home but it is important to make sure any trapped moisture is fully dried out to prevent problems further on down the line.

Winter is coming – be prepared – leak detection

A number of serious problems can arise over the winter period and each year properties are damaged by the cold weather, costing thousands of pounds in repairs and leaving them uninhabitable.

Insurance claims for escape of water in UK homes cost the insurance industry £730m in 2010, with freezing related claims making up a large chunk of these claims despite only affecting properties during the winter months.

As Britain is set to see the coldest winter in over a century what can you do to prevent any nasty surprises in your home?


  • Leave your heating on at a low setting
  • If you live in a flat, leave the heating on low in rooms where the mains pipe supplies neighbouring flats
  • If you’re going away then make sure you have someone who can regularly check for any problems
  • In case of an emergency make sure your neighbours have contact details for someone who has access to your property.
  • If your property is going to be vacant over the winter months, turn off your water supply and drain the system
  • Now is a good time to locate your stop valve in your home



  • Your water tank should be fitted with an insulation jacket or alternatively, the top and sides of the tank can be wrapped with suitable insulation material. Don’t place loft insulation under the tank, as this stops heat from the rooms below helping to keep the tank warm.
  • Toilet cisterns, water tanks or pipes in exposed places or unheated outbuildings, should be insulated. Better still drain them for winter if you’re not using them.
  • Buy good quality insulation – the thinner the pipe the thicker the insulation must be. 15mm or 1/2″ pipes need insulation which is 25mm thick, 28mm or 1″ pipe needs insulation which is at least 19mm thick


  • Dripping water increases the risk of freezing, so have any leaks at taps or valves repaired as soon as you discover them.
  • Cold draughts also increase your heating bills and can cause frozen pipework.



You can now fit out your piping with an intelligent water leak detection and cut-off system. These systems sense the temperature your pipe-work and can instantly detect and help prevent the devastating damage caused by burst, frozen or leaking pipes. Once the temperature drops towards 0 degrees Centigrade the system cuts off the water supply before freezing takes place, thus protecting properties from the serious water damage.

The system is designed to protect header tanks and other similar domestic plumbing equipment located in hard to get to places such as domestic lofts.

The system comprises of a sensor strip that fits to the underside of pipes and cisterns which constantly monitors pipe-work and has in built water leak detection which can detect even the smallest of leaks and even weeping joints. When a leak is detected the system will sound an alarm and will shut down the water supply instantly.


If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a burst pipe then it’s good to have a contact on hand. The majority of leaks are hard to detect as most pipe work now is buried, this is where The Leak Detection Company comes in. Our water leak detection techniques use the latest methods and technology to make sure there is no drilling or dirt and in the majority of cases we will not only locate the leak but be able to fix it there and then. The Leak Detection Company specialised 100% in water leak detection and water damage so we are the perfect first port of call for any leaks in your property.

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