Leaks through ceilings are one of the most common types of leaks we come across. Most of the time above the leak is a bathroom or kitchen and the leak will coincide with use of the bath, shower, toilet or taps. Other times the leak is completely unpredictable and the ‘mystery leak’ has been ongoing for weeks or months without diagnosis. Leaks can also occur as a constant drip. In a lot of cases leaks through a ceiling can be from a neighbour’s property above. We are often called out to blocks of flats or converted properties where the leak is travelling through different floors and causing damage to multiple properties.

We often go in to properties where a plumber has been out and been unable to locate the leak. Although it may seem obvious where the leak is coming from water is known to travel, and the leak won’t necessarily be coming from directly above where it’s showing. In most properties the plumbing will be hidden in the floor or walls and in bathrooms the pipework and plumbing will be hidden in boxing in and behind tiles. Using our specialist equipment, we can locate leaks without the need to carry out destructive and invasive work.

  • Gas Tracing uses an inert tracer gas, which is added to the mains pipe under pressure. A sensitive probe is used to detect where the tracer gas escaping through the ground, floor or wall.
  • Thermal Imaging maps buried and hidden pipes and identifies abnormal heat patches.
  • Moisture Meter maps any hidden damp caused by the leak.
  • Endoscopic Camera used to inspect hidden pipes in floor and wall voids.
  • Acoustic Microphone listens for the noise of the leak escaping.
  • UV Dye identifies leaking sealant, grout and waste pipes.
  • Pressure Testing identifies leaks on mains, hot, cold, central heating and underfloor heating pipes.
  • Wet & Air Testing identifies leaking waste pipes, soil stacks and drains.
  • Consumption Testing measures unaccounted for water usage when all taps and other outlets are turned off.
  • CAT & Genny maps where hidden pipes run.

Once the leak has been located our engineers, all experienced plumbers, can carry out a same day repair. This includes removing floor finishes and excavating concrete floors to access the pipe. Once the leak has been repaired the system will be re-tested to ensure the repair is sound and to check for further leaks. Our engineers are only assigned to one leak detection per day so they will continue with further leak detection if required. In some cases where the leak can’t be repaired same day because of its location we can arrange a follow up visit with the necessary tradespeople.