Leaking pipe

We are a local specialist leak detection company covering Maidenhead.

Specialists in leak detection since 2008, we use the latest non-invasive technology to accurately locate all hidden plumbing leaks with minimal damage and disruption. Our equipment works on all types of property constructions, including through concrete floors.

Our leak detection engineers in Maidenhead are qualified plumbers and have many years experience in installing and maintaining all types of plumbing systems. We  offer a same day ‘find and fix’ service, including removal of floor finishes and excavation of concrete floors.

We are so confident in our service we offer a ‘no find no fee’ guarantee on all internal hot and cold pipe leaks excludes heating and incoming mains, terms and conditions apply.

In most cases the cost of a leak detection is covered under building insurance if there is ‘trace and access’ or ‘track and trace’ on the policy. We provide a detailed written report with photos and an itemised invoice within 48 hours of our visit to assist with an insurance claim.

Our specialist leak detection in Maidenhead includes:

  • Gas tracing using an inert hydrogen/nitrogen gas which can pass through most materials including timber, concrete and tiles.
  • Thermal imaging which identifies hot and central heating pipes under floors and in walls.
  • Acoustic microphones which can hear water escaping.
  • Endoscopic cameras which can see into hidden and small spaces.
  • Protimeter moisture meters to tell us exactly where the damp is.
  • Consumption tests which measure any ‘unknown’ water usage when all taps and other outlets are turned off.
  • Pressure testing to identify leaking systems.
  • Wet and air testing of waste and drains.
  • UV dye testing.

Please call us on 01483 310888 or send us a message via the contact form. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 08.30am – 4:30pm