Mains pipe leaks can occur both externally (between the water meter/external stopcock and internal stopcock) or inside a property (from the internal stopcock onward). Mains leak can be the most damaging type of leak due to the constant loss of water at high pressure. Common symptoms of a mains leak include:

  • High or increased water bills
  • Water meter constantly spinning
  • Water supplier confirming you have a leak
  • Water supplier issuing a Section 75 Notice
  • Water tank constantly emptying
  • Hot water pump constantly running
  • Damp and water damage
  • Mould and condensation
  • Damp smell
  • Subsidence
  • Boggy ground
  • Surface water or flooding
  • Low water pressure
  • High consumption of water softener salt
  • Constant clean water flowing in a drain
  • Noise of flowing water or sound like a dripping tap
  • Constant leak through ceiling which stops when the stopcock is isolated

The good news is that mains leaks are normally the most straightforward to locate. Using a combination of methods, we can locate your mains leak quickly, accurately and without any damage to your property.

  • Gas Tracing uses an inert tracer gas, which is added to the mains pipe under pressure. A sensitive probe is used to detect where the tracer gas is escaping through the ground, floor or wall.
  • Moisture Meter maps any hidden damp caused by the leak.
  • Endoscopic Camera used to inspect mains pipes in floor and wall voids.
  • Acoustic Microphone listens for the noise of the leak escaping from the mains pipe.
  • CAT & Genny maps where the mains pipe runs under ground.

Once the mains water leak has been located our engineers, all experienced plumbers, can in most cases carry out a same day repair, although some repairs may require a call-back visit on another day. Once the leak has been repaired the system will be re-tested to ensure the repair is sound and to check for further leaks. Our engineers are only assigned one leak detection per day so they can continue with further leak detection if required.