Water Mains Replacement Pipe Pulling System

A leaking mains pipe can often result in costly water bills or even a fine from your water supplier. In the majority of cases when the mains pipe is old lead, steel or black alkathene the pipe will be in poor condition and there are likely to be multiple leaks. Localised repairs will normally fail over a short period of time or may not even be possible. A full replacement of the pipe in this instance is therefore a less disruptive and more cost effective option and offers long term peace of mind.

We offer 2 ‘trenchless’ ways to replace your water mains pipe. The default choice is ‘MOLING’ where excavations are made at the start and end points, and a pneumatic ‘mole’ pushes its way underground from one excavation to the other. A new MDPE water pipe (20mm, 25mm or 32 mm) is inserted and connected at each end. It is a straightforward and reliable ‘trenchless’ method and prices start at £650 plus VAT for up to 10 metres of new pipe.

Where possible we undertake a preliminary site survey which identifies the best route for the new pipe to take. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to advise us about hidden services, but our service also includes a CAT (Cable Avoidance Tool) survey to help avoid unnecessary damage. Your replacement mains water pipe is normally installed in a single day. Our service includes back-filling the excavations but does not include specialist making good to hardstanding and the like.

Alternatively, we offer the Kobus pipe pulling system. This is a newly developed  solution which further minimises the chance of collateral damage by pulling out the old pipe whilst pulling in the new. Prices start at £975 plus VAT.

  1. Low risk of damage to hidden services. The new pipe follows the path of the old pipe. The only risk is if unknown services are very close to pipe being pulled.
  2. Minimised damage and disruption to your paths, driveway and garden. The excavation at each end is limited to 400 x 400 mm (plus the required depth which is typically 750 mm)
  3. Making good afterwards to hard surfaces and the like is therefore minimised.
  4. The time taken to replace your pipe is less than half of the old systems
  5. Our new system is environmentally sound. It uses less energy, and the old pipe is removed so it can be recycled.

Our new main water pipe pulling replacement system can deal with the following:-

  1. All types of pipe including steel, lead, poly/plastic, and copper.
  2. All pipe sizes up to 32mm (1 ¼”)
  3. Pipe runs of up to 25 metres

In most cases, your new water main pipe can be installed in one day, although this may not include making good hard surfaces.  Our team of 2 operatives will be fully briefed beforehand and will arrive with everything they need to complete same day (barring any unexpected or unknown issues).

Please call us on 01483 31088 or use the contact form above

The new pipe pulling technology we use has been developed by Kobus, a British company. If you would like to see more details please see www.kobuspipepuller.com