Moisture Meter for Leak DetectionSometimes signs of damp and a leak can be obvious in the form of water damage, such as blistering, flaking paint, salts deposits and bubbling, or bowed floor finishes. However, damp can in a lot of cases be hidden. The moisture meter is an integral part of our leak detection equipment, allowing us to map all hidden damp and moisture. Once damp and dry areas have been identified as a moisture map, a picture starts to build as to the possible cause of the damp, and the likely location of a leak. Our engineers are equipped with a Protimeter Moisture Meter, which is the best on the market allowing us to give you the most accurate picture.

The moisture meter is completely non-invasive and allows us to map all damp without causing any damage. Readings are taken at depth of 19mm by using a radio frequency (RF) signal. Possible readings are in the range of 60-1000 relative scale (RS) where any reading of 200 and above is classed as damp. Individual readings in themselves are useful, but normally several readings are required to identify changes from dry to damp over an area.

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