Water Damage Repairs
The Leak Detection Company is owned by Paul Cheney Property Services Ltd (PCPS). PCPS specialises in water damage and building insurance repairs. Once a leak has been found this should validate an ‘escape of water’ insurance claim. If a water leak has been happening for some time it is likely to have caused damage, and will certainly need a specialist drying operation. In some cases this will not be immediately obvious, but if left could cause secondary issues further down the line such as mould, condensation, damage to floor finishes, wood rot, blown plaster and spoiling to decoration. 

Our expert team will provide you with a FREE visit to assess your water damage, including moisture mapping your property to identify all  hidden damage.  A FREE report will be prepared with a cost estimate and detailed damage repair schedule. We are experienced in liaising with insurance companies and meeting with loss adjusters to agree the scope and direction of building insurance repairs. In short, we are capable of handling all aspects of a project from strip-out, drying operation, and reinstatement. Please see our website www.pcpsltd.co.uk to check out the positive feedback from our clients.

To discuss your water damage call us on 01483 310888. Our lines are open 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday or use the contact form on the right to email us.